Reality of Making Money!

I had started the blog to let people aware about the making money online concept. In my point of view, making money online is the theoretical aspect of our life while reality is far away from it.

Most of the time, I have spent as an earner on the web but I have got nothing. My blog is in the review of all the reality of making money and earning dolor. There are many websites which offer very attractive program to make money but all are in the favour of those web owners. The reality, I have already written in my one of the post – PaisaPoints.

Google AdWords is also the part of that reality. Most of the guys started to make money by Google AdSense but this program is also a part of long period. Most of guys are busy in freelancing job also. So, you can earn money on the web but not quickly and easily.

I will tell you some basic ways of earning dolor on the blog but that is not my blog goal. I want to aware you about the negative things of making money. I want to guide you from those persons who are basically depicting you on the web. Your precious opinions are always welcome.


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