My 1st Earning from Google AdSens

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recently, I got a check from Google AdSens of my earning. It is the stage of recession and in the mid of recession I got my earning that is why I am happy. It was about $110. It was not earning of a month or two months but also it was the earning of 1.8 years.

Before 1.8 years I tried to earn some money from Google AdSens. From that time to till date I never got $5 maximum amount any day. However, I got click up to 16-20. Maximum earning from the click for me is $4.

Now, I get click about 5-6 every day and above but the amount is lower again. Every day I analysis about it but get only now about $.60-90. It is the lowest income by clicks but there is no way to escape it.

I always think to increase it but I am not successes. Most of the friends discuss that they are getting huge money by Google AdSens but I am always fail to get huge money.

Another problem with Google AdSens is receiving money. 1st time I had chosen simple delivery but I didn’t get money in last 2 months. After that I had chosen Standard delivery option which was chargeable of $25. I got my money by this option but it was not cheapest for me.

In my suggestion Google should pay AdSens money by PayPal or other paying method also. Otherwise, Google should make sure about all the delivery whether it is general or standard.

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