Reality of Paisapoints to earn money

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paisapoints are the offer of redemption points to get gifts vouchers by sites. In the recent era people want money via online but they don't think about its reality. Most of the sites like facebook, myspace and many others making money sites are offering redemption points to the particular users who visit on that sites.

Facebook and myspace offer gifts to send your friends on the many occasion in return they take money via your PayPal or other ways. They charge money on that particular gifts which will send via your mail to your friends. They offers redemption points also if you visit frequently on their sites and on the lump-sum of redemption points they offer to you some gifts or vouchers also.

Like these I knew also some more sites. I had subscribed some making money sites which are below in my post to earn money. I got some good money 1st time but still I didn't got any increasing on these money. There were the offer to earn money via promoting the sites, referring the friends, get paid via completing offers and many more but all were false. I tried to get paid via completing offers but that was on the subscription of your payment 1st via credit cards to that sites and then after you will be paid including some more money after completing that offers. It was very hard to me so that I leave that.

Another things was referral by friends. I tried to refer many friend in these 6 months but nothing I have gotten in this period. I promoted that banner which was offered by sites which is below in the blog but all were failed.

In this process I saw some more sites who were able to offer paisapoints. What is the reality of paisapoints let's see. I visit many games, finance and free calling sites – youtring, paisawaisa, koffii etc. but all the offers were on very high redemption points. What was the offers – mobile phones, ipod, gifts, watches etc. They were very attractive but all were on the high points.

What is the motivation behind paisapoints and refereed a friend? There are only one motivation behind it that is promotion of their websites. They offer that gifts voucher but that are not easy to get even in a year also however you visits their sites regularly 5-6 times in a day.

On this basis many sites are launching their promotional activities for the new Internet users. It is not a way ethical we can say because it doesn't fulfill users requirement actually.

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Make Money online By Google Adwords

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It is new subject for the making money online. I am talking about Adwords. Adwords is the service of Google which provide the marketing on Google. If you have a site and want to popularize that, surely you will go to the adwords to advertise your site on the Google.

Online marketing is the source of online money but it is not easy. Google adwords handling is the concept of online marketing. It take the money to the publisher to advertise their site on the Google sponsored listing.

I think everyone knows about Google adwords by the searches their desire keywords. If you search anything in the Google search engines, you get two types of results – organic and sponsored.

I am talking about sponsored listing here because it takes money to advertise but in returns it gives money to you also.

Many people think it is very vast chapter but I think it is not so vast if you go with this once. At first you have to logged in Google adwords and have to decide about the bid.

Before it you have to know about keywords and market. If you running Google adwords keywords research is main thing. Keywords for not traffic, it should be for sales generation. If you are paying for a keywords to the Google it means you have to earn something more than your payment.

People know buy all the things from online so it is necessary to to place your product on the web effectively.

You need to know about sales generation/lead generation by the keywords though the adwords. By the adwords you start bidding to come on the ranking of keywords on the Google.
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Make Money as a Free Lancer

Friday, October 24, 2008

Money making on the web is not very easy task but you can make it easily if you have some knowledge and consistency. To make money there are many source where you earn dolor also. Like on the my previous post I have already mentioned about that things. There are some example with me - Get paid by refer a friend, Make Money Online by Article Writing, Get Paid by Forums Posting, Get Paid to Complete offers etc.

All these was the way by which you can earn money directly. But there are some also ways to earning money. You can work as a free lancer for a person or many person. The person will pay after completed his work by you.

What do you need to work as a free lancer and make money. You need to know English frequently read and write. Basic thing is English after that you need to know computer and something about websites.

You need to know about website also which provides free lancing job. On the we there are many websites for free lancing work. You can search in Google theme.
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International Offers for Making Money Online

Monday, September 29, 2008

Again I come with one more making money online affiliate sites with free sign up. It is International offers affiliate websites. Here you can withdrew your money by PayPal. Like other making money sites it is different because it pays only within 24 hours after completing the offers.

If you need some money from online you can take a offer and can complete that to get paid within 24 hours. Along with there are referral contest also. You can refer a friend and can earn money. In the affiliate sites you can view also members name who is engage in referral program.

For PTC offers you can start your earning money to adding banner and advertise some sites which is in the international offers making money affiliate site. Below is banner by clicking on that you can also join the making money site:

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Cravingcash is my New Earning site

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recently I joined a new affiliate site that is cravingcash. It is similar to SquishyCash. On the cravingcash I made also $3 by sign up. $3 was instantly for me. I was much happy to join this because it was free.

The site is also for making money to complete the offers. There are offers, contest and prizes also to make money instantly. Now, I am reviewing the site and and referring some friend to earn some dolor.

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Today I made $3

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I joined some day before a affiliate site having decide to earn some cash. I joined SquishyCash because it was free to join. When I signed up instantly in my account I got $3. That was for joining the affiliate. Now, some days after I was not visited on that site but got some more $$$ in my account.

Today, I have visited that site. I saw there were many ways to earning cash $$$. There were contest which had more money to complete that. Another thing was buying advertising. If I am buying advertising and fulfill that I will get some $.

Prize shop – it was another way to making money. If I am buying something on that site I will get a prize on every buying.

Refer- It was also a way to make money by refer some friends. To refer there were some banner also by which you could refer your friend to join the site.

It was all about my experience by that affiliate site. You can withdraw your money completing $20. Now, I am on $3.04 only.
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Get Paid to Complete offers

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Recently I joined a making money online site which was There are many ways to making money by the site. You can get paid to complete offers, surveys, sample products and refer friends to join the site.

By the joining in this site you will be an owner of $3. You can complete offers easily and make more money as you want. You will get money via check. There are many referral programs also by that you can earn cash and by the end of the month you can be winner or topper.

You can join here clicking this banner :

Here you can see on the banner what is the way of making money by this site.

It is free and easy to join. If you want to earn some cash join the site and refer your friends. You will get bonus also.

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Get Paid by Forums Posting

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Earning money on online there are many resources where you can get paid after doing some work. One of the most famous works is forums posting. By doing this working you can earn money through online.

I have experience about this job because I have done several jobs of forums posting. You can get paid about $0.05 to $0.5 per post or thread. To get this job you have to knowledge about current news which is running in the world. You should have to qualify on various topics and will be updated on those topics. You should have to writing skills also.

On the forum you can get some topics, on that related to topics you will have to create questions and will have to reply related answer to the question which is asked on any forum categories.

The job you can get by forum also. There are forums which is digitalpoint, in this forum on services forum category. There are offer for forum poster by another forum member or owner. You can create a thread also here to get the job.

There is another forum like where you can get paid by contest or referrals. You can create post or refer some friend for this work you can get paid because there are running a contest on the forum. Like this there are many forums which announce their offer. So, I think this is good job that has command on English language and forum posting.
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Make Money Online by Article Writing

Thursday, August 7, 2008

If you have knowledge about good English, you can earn money by online. There are many sites and forums where you can sell your article to make money. For writing good article I have some tips which will help you.

1st of all you choose theme what can you write. 2nd you go through search engine and find that topic on which you want to write. Now you will get most of URL related to your topic and theme. Open that and read them. You will get various knowledge about your theme. Now, write an article to make a fantastic topic. Your article should be fresh, you are adding something new in that. Whatever you have read on a topic, analysis that and make your own view on that topic.

Now, for selling article you can go through content creation forum section on digitalpoint forums. Here you can sell your article which is written by you already creating a new thread or reply another thread which is related to your topic.

You can create a thread also to be a writer and get a bulk article writing contract or write article making a contract on that forum. Writing an article in 500 words you can make money maximum $7-$8. It is also a way to make money online.
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Get paid by refer a friend

Monday, August 4, 2008

I have now a site which is CashCrate. It offers money online if you are referring a friend to join this site. If your friend join this site, he will also earn money through it. It gives money by completing offers and referring friends.

I am already mentioned about it in my prevous post “I am making money from cashcrate”. There are some banner from your user id, you can add that banner on your site and blog as I have added and can popularise it to refer friends to join this site. If your friends join this you will get some bonus point in cash.

The site offer $10 minimum to pay. It offers check to pay. I have already made some $ from this site which I will get after this month. The site announce every month which will get payment. It should be $10 in your account to receive payment.

If you want to join this sign up cashcrate and make money quickly. It take less time and give more money.

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I am making money from cashcrate

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today, I have started to make money from It is a site where making money online is easy because there are many way to make money online. It is free to sign up. You can sign up here Sign up for cashcrate .

By this you can earn money to complete offers. The offers provide by this site per month. You can make money buy shopping, to refer and contest. It is first time when I am joining a site to earn some dolor.

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