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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is a broader aspect of online marketing. It is a process of marketing through online. However, off-line marketing is another chapter of marketing. So, we can say it is a part of marketing. There is no doubt that in the recent days, there is a big development in online marketing. However, there are many aspect of online market – SEO, PPC and SMO. So, there is need of deep analysis of SEO, PPC and SMO.

In my previous post, “Make Money online by Google Adwords”, I had made clear many things. I had told also about ways of earning money through Adwords. So, it was also the biggest part of online market which covers – PPC marketing. I had written one more post, “AdSense Earning Pays Dollar for UV not for RV”; it was also in the terms of online marketing. The chapter also covers the PPC marketing via AdSense.

There are another two more chapters – SEO and SMO which covers the biggest aspect of online marketing. In the coming times, SMO will be the biggest achievement of online marketing. However, there are trends of SMO in the current times. We always hear some news like twitter, facebook, digg and myspace. What are these? These are social platform. In the recent updates, Apple had earned a large amount of money through twitter social sites.

Last one is SEO. It is Search Engine Optimization which is known as part of online marketing. The process is the most famous of online marketing.

So, now the question is how to earn money through online? Yes, it is perfect question. Recently, labnol.org had dealt the most important topic – “Should You Build Organic Traffic or go with Pay Per Click Ads?” Do you mean, what is it? It is the marketing process of online through organic Vs Paid. In another words it is marketing - SEO Vs PPC.

In the recent development, Google changed and improved PPC marketing. It added more place to ad marketing. It improved in Adsense and Adwords also. So, what do you mean about it? We should proceed through Ad marketing rather than SEO. Sure, if you have some product to sell with the most searches terms, what should you do? You should surely go through Adwords. On the other hands, Wikipedia also developed Adsense on its pages.


Overall, in the recent days, Search marketing which is the part of online marketing covers Ad marketing rather than Search Engine Optimization. So, if you want to earn more in less time, less labour and less popularity then go through Adwords marketing.
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