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Friday, January 16, 2009

Recently I went through a financial blog which was on the loans and mortgage theme. There I read a new theory about the loan. The things I am sharing because I know most of the people think that making money online is very easy. There is lots of mystery in the subject. I think it is only a way to earn money by people only but people can not earn money easily. For example you can look into my previous post which was on paisapoints.

The post I am going to share on the making money blog to let you know about the reality of loans. After reading the post your concept will also clear about the making money online also.

"1st we have to understand about the loans. A loan is a type of debt. It is sum of borrowed money which is general repaid with interest.

Next from where we get the loan? Loans are provided by lender or broker for a time period with some interest.

History of loans shows that some people take over the resources of social property and became a rich persona. All the history is evident of its. The people who captured on the resources started exploiting the people who had nothing to eat and live.

From here the concept loans came. It is basically come with the capitalist system because the system runs on capital. Basically it runs on accumulated capital.

With the development of industries the goods produced exceedingly. In this situation the accumulated goods were exceeded and crisis comes in economics.

We can see the recent scenario of Indian share market. The Sensex was started from about 8 or 9 thousands last year and this year reached over 20000.

People were happy that they are developing and their country is going to be world’s imperialist power. But all are only a showcase.

The real things were crisis of market. Accumulation of capitalist system reached in higher position in 1 year. All the things were not related to production but all things were related speculation and share market.

Banks provides money as a loan to people and people became a big consumer of market and all the products were sold very fast. But after this all the things became normal. Many banks announced their bankruptcy and now in the recent scenario all the banks trying to close their business.

Loans are given by banks as back support to sell the products of capitalist and they captures people future savings which is taken as interest by banks.

This was the thought about the loans that is why said, “Loans – Killer of People Future Savings”.

Source Via :Loans – Killer of People Future Savings
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