Reality of Paisapoints to earn money

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paisapoints are the offer of redemption points to get gifts vouchers by sites. In the recent era people want money via online but they don't think about its reality. Most of the sites like facebook, myspace and many others making money sites are offering redemption points to the particular users who visit on that sites.

Facebook and myspace offer gifts to send your friends on the many occasion in return they take money via your PayPal or other ways. They charge money on that particular gifts which will send via your mail to your friends. They offers redemption points also if you visit frequently on their sites and on the lump-sum of redemption points they offer to you some gifts or vouchers also.

Like these I knew also some more sites. I had subscribed some making money sites which are below in my post to earn money. I got some good money 1st time but still I didn't got any increasing on these money. There were the offer to earn money via promoting the sites, referring the friends, get paid via completing offers and many more but all were false. I tried to get paid via completing offers but that was on the subscription of your payment 1st via credit cards to that sites and then after you will be paid including some more money after completing that offers. It was very hard to me so that I leave that.

Another things was referral by friends. I tried to refer many friend in these 6 months but nothing I have gotten in this period. I promoted that banner which was offered by sites which is below in the blog but all were failed.

In this process I saw some more sites who were able to offer paisapoints. What is the reality of paisapoints let's see. I visit many games, finance and free calling sites – youtring, paisawaisa, koffii etc. but all the offers were on very high redemption points. What was the offers – mobile phones, ipod, gifts, watches etc. They were very attractive but all were on the high points.

What is the motivation behind paisapoints and refereed a friend? There are only one motivation behind it that is promotion of their websites. They offer that gifts voucher but that are not easy to get even in a year also however you visits their sites regularly 5-6 times in a day.

On this basis many sites are launching their promotional activities for the new Internet users. It is not a way ethical we can say because it doesn't fulfill users requirement actually.


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