Earning Money through Online Marketing

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is a broader aspect of online marketing. It is a process of marketing through online. However, off-line marketing is another chapter of marketing. So, we can say it is a part of marketing. There is no doubt that in the recent days, there is a big development in online marketing. However, there are many aspect of online market – SEO, PPC and SMO. So, there is need of deep analysis of SEO, PPC and SMO.

In my previous post, “Make Money online by Google Adwords”, I had made clear many things. I had told also about ways of earning money through Adwords. So, it was also the biggest part of online market which covers – PPC marketing. I had written one more post, “AdSense Earning Pays Dollar for UV not for RV”; it was also in the terms of online marketing. The chapter also covers the PPC marketing via AdSense.

There are another two more chapters – SEO and SMO which covers the biggest aspect of online marketing. In the coming times, SMO will be the biggest achievement of online marketing. However, there are trends of SMO in the current times. We always hear some news like twitter, facebook, digg and myspace. What are these? These are social platform. In the recent updates, Apple had earned a large amount of money through twitter social sites.

Last one is SEO. It is Search Engine Optimization which is known as part of online marketing. The process is the most famous of online marketing.

So, now the question is how to earn money through online? Yes, it is perfect question. Recently, labnol.org had dealt the most important topic – “Should You Build Organic Traffic or go with Pay Per Click Ads?” Do you mean, what is it? It is the marketing process of online through organic Vs Paid. In another words it is marketing - SEO Vs PPC.

In the recent development, Google changed and improved PPC marketing. It added more place to ad marketing. It improved in Adsense and Adwords also. So, what do you mean about it? We should proceed through Ad marketing rather than SEO. Sure, if you have some product to sell with the most searches terms, what should you do? You should surely go through Adwords. On the other hands, Wikipedia also developed Adsense on its pages.


Overall, in the recent days, Search marketing which is the part of online marketing covers Ad marketing rather than Search Engine Optimization. So, if you want to earn more in less time, less labour and less popularity then go through Adwords marketing.
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AdSense Earning Pays Dollar for UV not for RV

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Google AdSens Earning
In the common word, earning money by AdSense is very easy but it is not really very easy. Recently, I got some new things about Google AdSense. Now, for Google AdSense account, there is no way to create by free blogs. For it you have to need original sites with proper hosting under your name. To run AdSense on the domain it is necessary that the domain should be older than 6 months.

Recently, I analyzed my Google AdSense account. There is not much amount which should be there. Many times I have got $0.5 even on 20 clicks. It was lowest money by the AdSense clicks.

I am getting now good visitors on my sites and there are proper optimized AdSense also but clicking money is low. My question was big for me. I tried to solve it. I went through my Google AdSense account and found some good data.

I analyzed that Google pays for those clicks which is clicked by UV. When there was UV by organic visits, my AdSense money was high but those days when there were RV visitors, my AdSense amount was low even on high clicks.

After this analysis I understand that if my sites ranking by high searches keywords have good positions in organic searches then my AdSense earning can be high also.

To get more money by AdSense account you need to optimize your site by targeted keywords. Your sites stuff should be proper, unique and more recent. It is also a good way to earn dollar if you do it in right way.
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Earn Money from Real Estate Sector

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This time all over world have economic crisis in all industries. Real estates sectors are also affected by the economic crisis. In the mid of global crisis there is not way to earn money by online only.

People need some money by investing their resources, power and time. Most of the online company is now fail. Outsourcing work is also down. We are getting many opinions by people who are seeking some ways to earn money either they are online or off-line.

In this way we decided to found some real way to earn money by off-line also. We have been introduced by MD of PropertySensex. It is one of the biggest companies of real estates in India.

The company has launched a model to earn money being an adviser in real estate sector to start own property business. It deals in commercial spaces, residential flats, farmhouses and in corporate. It has major clients which make it reliable. Its main clients are – Wall-Mart, Bharti Axa Life Insurace, Subhiksha, and Spencer Retial etc. who have gotten the best service in property dealing.

It is single vendor company in real estate sector across India for commercial and residential lease.

To earn money, the company offers a model across India to be an adviser. To join as an adviser, a person has to subscribe its software with maximum 100 references to join people below him. On each pair, the person will get Rs 1000 as a company adviser. Adviser will bring buyer to the company to buy a commercial spaces or residential flats. He will send an SMS to the company to make known about an interest of customer.

An adviser will earn by two methods – referring a friend to join as an adviser and referring a customer who is interested in buying offices or flats. On each deal of a flat or commercial space, an adviser will get 20% commission.

So, we thought to share this process to earn some extra money by investing in property business. It has minimum investment and takes lowest time to earn some huge money. A person can be an adviser to pay Rs 7720 only.
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My 1st Earning from Google AdSens

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recently, I got a check from Google AdSens of my earning. It is the stage of recession and in the mid of recession I got my earning that is why I am happy. It was about $110. It was not earning of a month or two months but also it was the earning of 1.8 years.

Before 1.8 years I tried to earn some money from Google AdSens. From that time to till date I never got $5 maximum amount any day. However, I got click up to 16-20. Maximum earning from the click for me is $4.

Now, I get click about 5-6 every day and above but the amount is lower again. Every day I analysis about it but get only now about $.60-90. It is the lowest income by clicks but there is no way to escape it.

I always think to increase it but I am not successes. Most of the friends discuss that they are getting huge money by Google AdSens but I am always fail to get huge money.

Another problem with Google AdSens is receiving money. 1st time I had chosen simple delivery but I didn’t get money in last 2 months. After that I had chosen Standard delivery option which was chargeable of $25. I got my money by this option but it was not cheapest for me.

In my suggestion Google should pay AdSens money by PayPal or other paying method also. Otherwise, Google should make sure about all the delivery whether it is general or standard.

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How to Earn Money in the Recession

Sunday, March 8, 2009

There is a big problem with all in the recession – money. In the recession all the way of earning money are dump. I had written about earning money previously about some sites like - Cravingcash, International Offers, cashcrate etc. but all are now failed. I have logged in these sites but again after a long time but no site giving me any money for my referral.

There is no work also by the freelancing because I tried much but no one hired me. All people are talking about recession and saying that they have no work in the recession.

I went through Google AdSens also but found very little amount. Every I am getting now day $0.25 to $0.50. It is minimal amount to survive life. I wanted to join for some real work but there was also minimal amount for the job.

After all the analysis I thought to earn money differently in the recession. But there was only one question in my mind that who is responsible for the recession.

I need to know still about the earning money ideas in the recession by online.
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Real Money in the option of Google AdSense

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey guys online money is not real money. I am not saying all money is not real money but most of the money is not real money. Always we see or hear from our friend or on online discussion forums that after having completed one is waiting for ones check by AdSense department. It is my own problem also. Before 3 months I have completed more than $100 but still I have not received my check by AdSense.

We all guy always spent more and more time to get money or earn money to survive our life or to satisfy our basic needs but after so many activities if we don’t get our money we will go in frustration.

After some basic research I have initiated to earn money by some another means which are in the option of Google AdSense. In my previous post I have already mentioned that Google AdWords is also some basic way to make money and it is right. If you have business to run on large scale by online then Google Adwords is better but if you are running your business personally on an informative sites or blog then it is not better for AdSense.

I want to let you know about Yahoo Publisher to make money. You can earn dolor if you go through Yahoo AdSense. Yahoo has no so many formalities like Google AdSense to receive your money. You should have to create only an account and an optimized ad have to place on web page.

By the Yahoo making money option you will be able to get money by PayPal option also completing only $50. So, now I want to go through Yahoo making money option in the option of Google AdSense.
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Making Money Online is like a mystery

Friday, January 16, 2009

Recently I went through a financial blog which was on the loans and mortgage theme. There I read a new theory about the loan. The things I am sharing because I know most of the people think that making money online is very easy. There is lots of mystery in the subject. I think it is only a way to earn money by people only but people can not earn money easily. For example you can look into my previous post which was on paisapoints.

The post I am going to share on the making money blog to let you know about the reality of loans. After reading the post your concept will also clear about the making money online also.

"1st we have to understand about the loans. A loan is a type of debt. It is sum of borrowed money which is general repaid with interest.

Next from where we get the loan? Loans are provided by lender or broker for a time period with some interest.

History of loans shows that some people take over the resources of social property and became a rich persona. All the history is evident of its. The people who captured on the resources started exploiting the people who had nothing to eat and live.

From here the concept loans came. It is basically come with the capitalist system because the system runs on capital. Basically it runs on accumulated capital.

With the development of industries the goods produced exceedingly. In this situation the accumulated goods were exceeded and crisis comes in economics.

We can see the recent scenario of Indian share market. The Sensex was started from about 8 or 9 thousands last year and this year reached over 20000.

People were happy that they are developing and their country is going to be world’s imperialist power. But all are only a showcase.

The real things were crisis of market. Accumulation of capitalist system reached in higher position in 1 year. All the things were not related to production but all things were related speculation and share market.

Banks provides money as a loan to people and people became a big consumer of market and all the products were sold very fast. But after this all the things became normal. Many banks announced their bankruptcy and now in the recent scenario all the banks trying to close their business.

Loans are given by banks as back support to sell the products of capitalist and they captures people future savings which is taken as interest by banks.

This was the thought about the loans that is why said, “Loans – Killer of People Future Savings”.

Source Via :Loans – Killer of People Future Savings
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