Get paid by refer a friend

Monday, August 4, 2008

I have now a site which is CashCrate. It offers money online if you are referring a friend to join this site. If your friend join this site, he will also earn money through it. It gives money by completing offers and referring friends.

I am already mentioned about it in my prevous post “I am making money from cashcrate”. There are some banner from your user id, you can add that banner on your site and blog as I have added and can popularise it to refer friends to join this site. If your friends join this you will get some bonus point in cash.

The site offer $10 minimum to pay. It offers check to pay. I have already made some $ from this site which I will get after this month. The site announce every month which will get payment. It should be $10 in your account to receive payment.

If you want to join this sign up cashcrate and make money quickly. It take less time and give more money.


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