Make Money Online by Article Writing

Thursday, August 7, 2008

If you have knowledge about good English, you can earn money by online. There are many sites and forums where you can sell your article to make money. For writing good article I have some tips which will help you.

1st of all you choose theme what can you write. 2nd you go through search engine and find that topic on which you want to write. Now you will get most of URL related to your topic and theme. Open that and read them. You will get various knowledge about your theme. Now, write an article to make a fantastic topic. Your article should be fresh, you are adding something new in that. Whatever you have read on a topic, analysis that and make your own view on that topic.

Now, for selling article you can go through content creation forum section on digitalpoint forums. Here you can sell your article which is written by you already creating a new thread or reply another thread which is related to your topic.

You can create a thread also to be a writer and get a bulk article writing contract or write article making a contract on that forum. Writing an article in 500 words you can make money maximum $7-$8. It is also a way to make money online.


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