Real Money in the option of Google AdSense

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey guys online money is not real money. I am not saying all money is not real money but most of the money is not real money. Always we see or hear from our friend or on online discussion forums that after having completed one is waiting for ones check by AdSense department. It is my own problem also. Before 3 months I have completed more than $100 but still I have not received my check by AdSense.

We all guy always spent more and more time to get money or earn money to survive our life or to satisfy our basic needs but after so many activities if we don’t get our money we will go in frustration.

After some basic research I have initiated to earn money by some another means which are in the option of Google AdSense. In my previous post I have already mentioned that Google AdWords is also some basic way to make money and it is right. If you have business to run on large scale by online then Google Adwords is better but if you are running your business personally on an informative sites or blog then it is not better for AdSense.

I want to let you know about Yahoo Publisher to make money. You can earn dolor if you go through Yahoo AdSense. Yahoo has no so many formalities like Google AdSense to receive your money. You should have to create only an account and an optimized ad have to place on web page.

By the Yahoo making money option you will be able to get money by PayPal option also completing only $50. So, now I want to go through Yahoo making money option in the option of Google AdSense.
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