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Thursday, May 14, 2009

This time all over world have economic crisis in all industries. Real estates sectors are also affected by the economic crisis. In the mid of global crisis there is not way to earn money by online only.

People need some money by investing their resources, power and time. Most of the online company is now fail. Outsourcing work is also down. We are getting many opinions by people who are seeking some ways to earn money either they are online or off-line.

In this way we decided to found some real way to earn money by off-line also. We have been introduced by MD of PropertySensex. It is one of the biggest companies of real estates in India.

The company has launched a model to earn money being an adviser in real estate sector to start own property business. It deals in commercial spaces, residential flats, farmhouses and in corporate. It has major clients which make it reliable. Its main clients are – Wall-Mart, Bharti Axa Life Insurace, Subhiksha, and Spencer Retial etc. who have gotten the best service in property dealing.

It is single vendor company in real estate sector across India for commercial and residential lease.

To earn money, the company offers a model across India to be an adviser. To join as an adviser, a person has to subscribe its software with maximum 100 references to join people below him. On each pair, the person will get Rs 1000 as a company adviser. Adviser will bring buyer to the company to buy a commercial spaces or residential flats. He will send an SMS to the company to make known about an interest of customer.

An adviser will earn by two methods – referring a friend to join as an adviser and referring a customer who is interested in buying offices or flats. On each deal of a flat or commercial space, an adviser will get 20% commission.

So, we thought to share this process to earn some extra money by investing in property business. It has minimum investment and takes lowest time to earn some huge money. A person can be an adviser to pay Rs 7720 only.


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