Cravingcash is my New Earning site

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recently I joined a new affiliate site that is cravingcash. It is similar to SquishyCash. On the cravingcash I made also $3 by sign up. $3 was instantly for me. I was much happy to join this because it was free.

The site is also for making money to complete the offers. There are offers, contest and prizes also to make money instantly. Now, I am reviewing the site and and referring some friend to earn some dolor.


Pinching Pennies in Bedford, Pa said...

I joined this one and treasuretrooper. With Cravingcash, I have been stuck at $13.86 for over a week and I've done plenty of offers with no credit. I'm getting pretty disgusted. With Treasuretrooper, I am credited quickly and I'm already up to $25.

sayshailesh said...


Keep up the good work.I am an amateur so just wanted to leave a comment.


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